About Etc Paper Products

Etc Paper Products was founded in July 2004 in Venezuela with the purpose of creating out-of-the-box original paper-based products or produces them in a different, innovative and practical style. The company was originally named Papel Etc.

At first we were only focused on the office products market. That is why among our first products were special papers such as glossy, photographic and self-adhesive. Some time later we started to explore the school products market. Although there were many school products out there, these were very simple in design and fulfilled basic functions. So we decided to see what the main needs and desires were and to create products for school children that satisfied them.

We found a gap in products that would allow subtle and indirect communication between children and adults. With that need in mind, the door hangers and other products intended for children were designed. Today we are mainly known for these products.

Since 2018 we have been producing and selling these door hangers in the U.S. As of April 2021, the funny door hangers for little boys and the funny door hangers for little girls are been sold in 20 independent stores around Florida, U.S.